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Walkthrough Metal Detectors

The The Walk Through Metal Detection system is use to detect all kinds of concealed deadly firearms, bladed knives, grenade and all kinds of metal weapons. A nonconductive, nonmagnetic device that fixes the position of the detector plane and detector axis with respect to the three-axes translation system.

The metal detector positione includes a reference surface for attaching the detector mount. The detector positioner also includes a surface for attachment to the three-axes translation system. The electrical signal generated by the sensor or sensor circuit of the detector and caused by an object interacting with the magnetic field generated by the detector. The detector response is the basis on which an alarm indication is derived.

A mutually orthogonal three-dimensional Cartesian coordinate system referenced to the detector axis and the detector plane. The three axes are labeled “x,” “y,” and “z,” where the y axis is parallel to the detector axis and the x and z axes are in the detector plane. The orientation of the test objects and direction of the magnetic field is referenced to the measurement coordinate system.

This Walkthrough metal detector can be used in the factory, prison, court, exhibition hall, stadium, entertainment lieu, etc., where the prohibited articles need to be checked for safety. Six detecting areas: Allocation of six mutual over-lapping detecting areas, simultaneous alarming from multi-areas and accurately ascertaining the location of the metal articles according to the layout of the metal articles.

Adjustable area sensibility: With the highest sensibility, it can detect the metal article as small as the clip. With the range of 0-99, it can automatically adjust the sensibility, pre-set the weight, volume, size and location in respect of the metal articles and eliminate the false alarming for the coin, key, jewelry, leather belt button, etc.

Protection with password: The protection from the password can only allow the authorized person for the operations. It is highly safe. Alos functions of statistic counting: The intelligent counter can calculate the number of the passenger flow and the times of alarming.

The Walkthrough Metal Detector is harmless to heart pacemaker installed in human body, pregnant women, magnetic floppy, recording tapes, etc. Convenience in installation: EAST series products adopt integration design. It only takes twenty minutes to install the gate or take it apart. .

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