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Vehicle Tracking System GPS

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Real-time tracking
Track whereabouts of your vehicles at any time from any computer with internet access.


Trip management: Report  
Manage your fleet with ease: trip plotting, fuel consumption, speeding, idling, PTO use, engine working hours, mileage, towing, off-hours operation, USA/Canada border crossing, mileage by state/province and much more. Find out where you can save money fast with our GPS tracking solution. 


internet Real-Time Alerts and Notifications
Receive tracking alerts via your cell phone or email to know whether your vehicles are being used in an unacceptable manner. This map shows numerous speeding events, all of which you hear about in real time.


internet Landmarks
Verify vehicle attendance at specified location and receive real-time notifications when vehicle are close to the landmark or leaving. Reports can be regenerated for old trips against newly placed landmarks.


internet Maintenance Planning & Reports
Online reports for all your vehicle data. Downloadable in a variety of formats so you can share it with managers, accountants and other departments.


internet 2-Way Text Communications
Eliminate the cost (and abuse!) of cell phones with PosiText, simple 2-way text communications over PosiTracker devices, using Garmin GPS navigation units for display. Your dispatch team will be delighted with this amazingly effective solution that cuts out phone chit-chat while communicating the essential information with clarity.

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