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Central Monitoring System

Security System Services

Zen Security Services is an ISO quality certified company for the design, installation and maintenance of electronic security and safety system.

We are a market leader within Thailand for professional high engineered security systems including:

With a full range of electronic security systems we can help and support all businesses and private residences. From user friendly alarm systems to advanced 10 wheeler x-ray scanners SSS covers most of what the current market needs. And SSS keeps developing to adjusting to customer’s requirements through research and training.



We provide :

  •  Access Control.
  •  Intruder Detection Systems.
  •  Time and Attendance.
  •  Fire Detection Systems.
  •  Metal Detectors.
  •  Narcotic & Explosive Detectors.
  •  CCTV Systems (including IP based).
  •  Biometric Systems.
  •  Automatic Gates and Barriers.
  •  Fire Suppression Systems.
  •  X-Ray Baggage Systems.
  •  ID Cards and Systems.

Central Monitoring and Response Services

Zen Security Services operates a 24 hour central monitoring station in Bangkok to ensure an adequate response to events at our customer’s premises. We can provide monitoring to many different systems for example.

(Please in mind. With our CMS monitoring your properties 24/7 365 days per year our customers can relax and focus on their life and business. Fault monitoring of important equipment make sure that any malfunction that may occur is attended immediately). Private sector, Banking sector, residences, factories, offices etc. can benefit from our CMS service.



We provide :

  •  Intrusion and Fire Alarms.
  •  Water Detection Systems.
  •  Heat Detection Systems.
  •  Freezer & Refrigeration Systems.
  •  A/C Units and Systems.
  •  Power and Plant Equipment.
  •  Vehicle Tracking.
  •  CCTV Monitoring.


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