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Retail Business solution

New technology – new possibilities

Zen Facility Service have been installed in retail environments around the world. With our long experience and proven track record in network video technology, you can rest assured that Axis will enable you to achieve your retail surveillance ambitions. 

Improve safety and security

A network video solution from Zen Facility Service offers a wide range of possibilities to make your store less attractive for break-ins and robberies. As a result, you benefit from a safer work environment and reduced costs. 

Ensure staff security and protect your assets

Reliable protection is not only important during lonely nights at a gas station or a 24-hour convenience store. It is as relevant in stores with large amounts of cash, high-value products or high-risk products, such as medicine and alcohol. 

Enhance surveillance efficiency with intelligent video

The use of intelligent cameras with motion detection and active tampering alarm helps to quickly detect suspect actions outside a store or inside a store after opening hours. Cameras automatically send images to your security guard’s phone or PDA, enabling the guard to assess whether action is required. This also saves time earlier wasted in responding to false alarms. 

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