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Hotels solution: Integrated Security Solutions

Value proposition

Access control. Intrusion detection. Video surveillance and analytics. Fire and life safety. All key components of a strong security strategy. But what happens when these applications are not talking to each other? Traditionally, these systems are set up separately with their own hardware, software, installation, oversight, service, maintenance, administration and training. This approach is no longer viable in a world where security threats are increasing and budgets are shrinking. That's why Schneider Electric delivers integrated security solutions that let you control your entire security landscape across enterprises from a single user interface. The benefits? Simplified usage, faster response times, greatly improved overall security, reduced costs, peace of mind.

Main characteristics

Single Seat Control
Our user-friendly management system, accessed on-site or remotely via the web, allows users to monitor and control all security and building management applications via a single interface. This means faster response times and improved security, reduced training, simplified maintenance, and lower installation and ongoing operating costs.

Access Control
Card readers allow permissions-based access to specific security zones. Zones can be activated and deactivated independently of each other. As occupants enter areas, lighting is activated and temperature is set to comfort levels.

Video Surveillance & Analytics
Fully integrated video security automatically displays video per alarm or event at command central. Quickly pinpoint potential security breaches and significant events with our analytics software that provides real-time alarm and forensic tools to track and assess events.

Intrusion Detection
When zones are activated, motion sensors and window contacts detect intrusion and send alarms to command central. These same detectors can be used to regulate lighting, heating, cooling, and ventilation systems based on room occupancy in order to conserve energy.

Fire & Life Safety
Smoke, heat and flame detectors, along with notification appliances, emergency lighting systems and other peripherals can be integrated into our security management system. In case of fire, emergency exists are automatically unlocked and illuminated, and ventilation is set to safety mode.

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