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About US

Our Company

ZEN Facility Service provides innovative life safety and electronic security solutions that protect people, property and assets.

OUR skilled engineers combined technical expertise with commitment to service excellence to deliver a range of life safety and electronic security solutions including design, integration, installation, maintenance service and monitoring.

ZEN Facility Service delivers on our promises, offers knowledge and practical solutions for customer satisfaction.

ZEN Facility Service works closely with suppliers who will meet high standards for quality, business practices, environmental, responsibility and operational excellence. We also help them meet increasingly stringent requirements and thereby enable Zen Facility Service to deliver superior products and services for customers.

Our Business

ZEN Facility Service has strong expertise team work with long experience in the field of life safety and security and communication solution.

ZEN Facility Service has sought to develop long-term trust with our customers and to contribute the success of the customers businesses, from project inception to installation with ongoing service, following products and systems. To accomplish this, Zen Facility Service works closely with each of our customers to define specific needs and to completely understand the customers’ operation. This close relationship is essential in developing the correct application of products, technologies and services to satisfy our customers’ unique requirement.

Integrity and Ethics

ZEN Facility Services places a high value on integrity of the company, our directors and employees.

ZEN Facility Services maintains the highest ethical standards. Our Ethics Policy provides guidance regarding acceptable and appropriate practices and behaviors for our employees.

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